10 Reasons to Keep a Clean Kitchen

Keeping a house clean can seem like a never-ending task. However, there are some rooms you should prioritize. One of these is your kitchen. Here are 10 reasons why you should keep a kitchen clean.

10 Reasons to Keep a Clean Kitchen

1) Hygiene
Hygiene is the main reason you need to clean your kitchen. Hygiene is all about trying to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria. Both of which can have an unfavorable effect on human health. We will go into depth about this in the other 9 reasons.

2) Pestspests in the kitchen
Really simple things can bring unwanted pests into your kitchen. For example, toaster crumbs can attract pests. Such pests can defecate and leave behind germs and can eventually cause illness. The same applies when you do not regularly sweep up pieces of food that fall on the floor.

3) Easier To Use
If everything is clean and in the right place, it is so much easier to use your kitchen. If you come down in the morning and the kitchen is clean and tidy, it is easy to have a stress-free breakfast. However, if you come down in the morning and all the bowls are in the dishwasher but it hasn’t been turned on, it’s going to be more stressful to eat your cereal before work.

4) Guests
The kitchen is often the hub of any home. If guests come round for a dinner party, it is more than likely that while you are making dinner, they will be having a glass of wine with you. People’s perception of how clean you kitchen is, can really affect how clean they think you are as a person. It can also impact upon how much they want to eat the food that you make for them.

5) Save Money
Save moneyLetting one item go mouldy in your fridge or cupboard, makes the rest rot faster. Knowing your food could have been in contact with another mouldy item, could potentially make you less inclined to eat it. Therefore, between the two, you are wasting, throwing out, and not eating a lot of food. Take a proactive approach by: putting food in containers, checking expiry dates, and discarding spoiled food immediately, will help you reduce spoilage and waste. We throw away 7 million tonnes of food and drink from our homes every year in the UK. Wasting this food costs the average household £470 a year, rising to £700 for a family with children, the equivalent of around £60 a month. Think about the savings you could make!

6) Safety
Cleanliness is also about safety. Leaving oil spills could start a fire. Spills on the floor can cause people to fall over. No one ever plans to start a fire or have an accident in the kitchen. However, most UK accidents happen in the home.

7) Food-Related Illness
The Current main causes of foodborne illness in the UK are Campylobacter (which causes most cases of food poisoning); Listeria monocytogenes (causes the most food poisoning deaths) and Viruses (responsible for an increasing number of cases). The UK Food Standards Agency is encouraging people to stamp down on the spread of such illness. One such way to do this is to give your kitchen a thorough and anti-bacterial clean.

8) Mood Boosting
It’s been shown that goal-orientated tasks such as cleaning can really boost your mood and sense of achievement. Also, if you come home to a nice clean kitchen, and you don’t have to stress about cleaning it, your mood will lift!

9) De-Clutter Your Mind
Similarly, a clean space can create a more relaxing atmosphere. The psychology behind this is related to the lack of physically present tasks that you need to attend to, e.g. washing up.

10) Inspire Others In The House Hold To Cook!
Get the family into cookingWhen you feel that there are no pressing or urgent jobs to attend to you are more likely to engage in a creative task like cooking! This applies to both you and others in your household. So you could get a few meals made for you. And all because you cleaned your kitchen.

Do you feel you need a little help cleaning your kitchen, or simply don’t have the time? Perhaps look at getting a quote from a cleaning contract company, or invest in some great time saving cleaning tools from a retailer such as http://clean4less.co.uk

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