4 Reasons To Start A Diet

4 Reasons To Start A Diet

The time has come, as it always does, when you’ve looked in the mirror and no longer like what you see. Life has caught up with you. Everyone has different reasons why they want to start a diet and what they want to achieve from it. Many people look at their belly and realizes it is getting bigger, and usually that’s enough to get people starting a diet. However, there are more reasons to starting a diet than just to lose weight.

Here’s four you might not have thought of:

1. Higher Energy Levels

We’re not talking about bouncing off the walls energy levels here, I mean you’re not suddenly going to wake up one morning and be able to sprint like Usain Bolt, let’s get real here.

Going on a diet is going to cut out all that junk food and crap you have been eating and affecting your energy levels.  I mean no one’s ever felt like they could run down to the shops after having a big Mac meal, right? There’s a reason junk food is called junk food…

But you’ve taken the first step to changing your diet and adding better, and healthier alternatives into your meals! Broccoli and Kale are great foods to start with on a diet. They are what’s called ‘Super Foods.’  Eating plenty of foods like this will fill your body with antioxidants and vitamins you were lacking and keep your body ticking over and feeling fresh.

2. Improved Mood

Without even realizing it you could have been eating foods that affect your serotonin levels. For those that don’t know serotonin a chemical in your brain that keeps you happy. Along with dopamine which is just as important, and eating the wrong foods can put these vital chemicals completely out of whack. For example, high protein foods like chicken, cheese or turkey have been known to affect serotonin levels.

An improved diet can allow you to eat foods that will benefit these chemicals and in doing so improve your mood significantly.  Eggs, for example, will help improve your mood, are an excellent source of protein and relatively cheap to buy. Plus you can have them scrambled or fried poached, they’re very diverse and a personal favorite of mine!

3. Fight Hair Loss

There are multiple reasons for hair loss and one of them is a result of a deficiency of vitamin A and vitamin B7. Deficiency of vitamin a can lead to a dry and itchy scalp while vitamin B7 is a source of biotin which has been proven to help hair regrowth.

Gentlemen, I’m looking at you here, but did you know that you can fight your hair loss by simply changing your diet and eating foods that help to address these vitamin deficiencies?

For example, eggs are a great food to incorporate into your diet to achieve this as eggs and dairy products are loaded with essential nutrients. They are also a great source of biotin, which is what you want to focus on to prevent your hair loss.

4. To Lose Weight (you’re getting fat)

The most obvious reason to start a diet, and easily why 99.9% of people begin in the first place is to lose weight. You are getting fat, you realized it one day and said enough is enough! So now you are taking steps to change that!

Some diets focus on reducing carbs; others look to cut out trans-fats or processed foods, there are diets out there to suit everybody. Sometimes the easiest way to lose weight, as a result of your diet is just to eat fewer calories! You want to make sure you are in a calorie deficit at the end of the day which will cause your body to burn the stores of fat it has saved up and doing to help you lose weight.

A proper diet can allow you to eat calorie dense, healthier foods and still be fall up. At the same time though a good diet will allow you to be in a calorie deficit and have your body burning fat reserves and so help you to lose weight while staying full! Some diets these days will even replace food entirely with ‘shake’ alternatives as a means of getting minerals and macro-nutrients in a liquid state. It just depends on you.

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