Coffee Machines – For Those who Want to Taste Authentic Coffee

If you’re a true coffee connoisseurs, you’ll never be satisfied with a cup of instant coffee; only a single-origin, freshly grounded cup would work. Other than getting good quality beans, you’ll also need a superior coffee grinder to produce consistent sized grinds.

Take Your Espresso to the Next Level with a Great Machine

In the world of coffee, nothing can substitute the rich and aromatic fragrance of espresso. With the Rancilio Silvia, you can prepare an awesome cup of Italian coffee. This stainless steel machine is heavy and weights around 30 pounds. The boiler is comes with a 12-ounce boiler, and is made from high-quality brass – which is rust resistant and keeps the heat consistent throughout. The exterior is of stainless steel, and the frame is made from iron.

The semi-automatic Silva also comes with a 7-gram scoop, 2 portafilters, and a tamper. The portafilter comes with a good handle and it’s on par with commercial grade machines. The espresso machine also has two thermostats and high-limit temperature controls. Lastly, the Silvia also has a reservoir that can hold 2 quarts of water – which can be poured into anytime you want (even when you’re in middle of brewing).

Fresh Coffee Beans

Between baristas and coffee professionals, it’s no secret that a good coffee grinder is essential in brewing an exquisite cup of coffee. This is because when you roast coffee beans, it activates many volatile compounds, which deteriorates when they’re exposed to air. Roasted coffee beans normally go stale after one to two weeks’ time. As for coffee grounds, due to increased surface area and release of CO2, a process known as oxidation takes place. Coffee grounds usually last no more than a day. If you have a slightly developed palate, you’ll notice a significant difference in less than an hour.

There are storage solutions that can prolong the quality of coffee, such as using specially designed airtight containers or storing them in a freezer. This usually only improves the time of freshness a little bit though. As such, to brew an awesome cup of coffee, you’ll need to grind the beans when they’re fresh. A quality coffee grinder usually has around 4 – 5 grind settings. Depending on what you’re trying to brew, you’ll want to use different size settings.

The Ever Popular Coffee Makers

There’s always a debate going on the effects of coffee on our body. It’s still on going, but one thing is certain; it contain caffeine and antioxidants (for anti-aging). For these two reasons, the coffee drinking trend has fuelled the development of coffee makers.

There are different types of coffee makers available in the market. Some are really large and fully-automatic, whilst others are more compact and manual. Normally, you’ll want a smaller one in the office – as space is always an issue! Most coffee makers have detachable parts, which makes it easier to store and clean. Since there are lots of different types of coffee makers in the market, it’ll take time to go through them in. You can check out for reviews of the best coffee-related products in the market.

Overall, after three waves of coffee development, there are many advanced machines in the market that can bring your coffee to the next level.

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