How to Use the Fissler Vitavit Pressure Cooker


How to Use the Fissler Vitavit Pressure Cooker

If your here to find out how to use the Fissler Vitavit Pressure Cooker then you came to the right place. You can cook excellent meals in the Fissler Vitavit such as stew and braises an amazing 70% faster than conventional methods. It features  two cooking levels, and a colored  display to let you know when to adjust heat levels, the safe auto-locking lid has a color-coded indicator which lets you know the lid is safe and secure, which is a feature i like to see on any pressure cooker.


  • Made of 18/10 stainless steel, with an extra-thick, 6mm aluminum base for even heat distribution.
  • Auto-locking handle audibly clicks into place and features a visual indicator that changes from red to green when securely locked.
  • Pressure cannot build until the lid is properly locked and visual indicator is green.
  • Green/yellow/red display indicates when stovetop temperature needs to be turned down.
  • Two adjustable cooking levels, low for cooking delicate foods and high for hearty meats, beans and vegetables.
  • Includes perforated inset and tripod for steaming.
  • Made in Germany by Fissler, founded in 1845.


  • 6-qt.: 8 3/4″ diam.
  • 8-qt.: 10″ diam.

Additional Information

  • Easy-to-position lid: metal tab makes it simple to place lid in correct position.
  • Adjustable steam discharge function allows you to precisely control the escape of steam.
  • Removable stay-cool handle plus safety-loop handle.
  • Interior measurement markings marks with maximum/minimum levels make it easy to gauge correct ingredient quantities.
  • Silent and steam-free operation under pressure.
  • Ideal for use on any type of cooktop, including induction.
  • Made in Germany.

This cooker can be used on any cooker top, the valve and handle are removable and can easily be cleaned by hand, while the base and lid can be thrown into a dishwasher for convenience. Be sure to rinse off any parts you wash by hand.

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