Pressure Cooker Chicken Stock – Simple and Tasty

It can take hours to create a  chicken stock in a regular stock pot.  But using a pressure cooker time is drastically reduced to around 30 minutes, great right? No doubt you will have seen adverts on tv selling all kinds of chicken stocks in the form of a little cube that you dissolve in a cup/jug of water, well ignore those ads those stocks can never be compared to a real natural and flavoursome  home made pressure cooker chicken stock. Uses for chicken stock are endless, you can if you wish serve it up as a broth, just add in some rice, peas, and cabbage. Use it to make soups such as chicken noodle soup, chicken curry, even make dumplings using your chicken stock. Pretty much any recipe that requires water a stock can be used as a substitute.

Pressure Cooker Chicken Stock

Pressure Cooker Chicken Stock

Chicken stock can be used for so many things.

Its also worth remembering you can freeze your stock in any quantity’s you wish, i like to use the freezer cube tray and fill each segment with the stock for use on days when i want to save that little bit more time.

You can buy chicken parts from the butchers for pennies but what i like to do is purchase a pack of chicken wings from the local store and use those with the meat intact, then once the stock is ready i pick off the meat and…….well i eat it. Tasty!

You will need:

  • Roughly 900g (2lb) of chicken bits, legs, wings, necks, whatever you can get.
  • A medium onion peeled and quartered
  • 1 chopped up celery stick (size of chunks your choice)
  • 1 Peeled and chopped carrot. (personally i like to chop into thumb size pieces then grate my carrot)
  • Peppercorns (as many or as little as you wish) 4 will be enough for this
  • 6 cups of water (roughly 1.4L)
  • Salt to taste

Those are pretty much all the ingredients you need, if you wish you can add a couple bay leaves and parsley. There is one other ingredient i didn’t mention and that is Chinese 5 spice, i like to add just a level teaspoon of this wonderful stuff. Some of you may read this and think what the hell is this person doing adding Chinese 5 spice to their pressure cooker chicken stock but trust me it adds a truly unique dimension to the stock, although i would advise you to only use it when testing, not when your making a family meal. You can make the 5 spice yourself or like me purchase it in a jar from a store near you.


Get all of your ingredients and combine into the pressure cooker, ensure the lid is locked in place then bring up to pressure, now lower the heat and allow to cook for 30 minutes on high pressure – This is for fast cooking pressure cookers (15psi). (If you check your cookers manual you will be able to work out the time you will need to cook for if yours isn’t 15psi)

Now let the pressure drop by whatever method your cooker has, take off the lid and strain the mixture by sending it through a strainer/sieve. Extract as much liquid as possible by pressing the mixture with a wooden spoon or just use your hand. Allow to cool then stick it in the fridge overnight, you will notice a little congealed fat form on the top, use a spoon to discard it. Now you have a delicious pressure cooker chicken stock that can be used any time.

Why should i make my own chicken stock?

The rubbish commercial chicken stocks contain all kinds of nonsense such as sulphites and dehydrated chicken, fat, broth, spice extracts, powders and other nastiness. Basically a bunch of crap that is not very healthy.

Thanks for reading my pressure cooker chicken stock method, i hope you try it (with Chinese spice also). I’m sure you will find the process simple and be making excellent chicken stocks for years to come.

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