Pressure Cooking Tips – 10 Tips To Help You On your Way

First off, reading the manual of your pressure cooker should be your priority after opening the box. While all pressure cookers basically work the same they are all unique in one way or another, plus you will find useful cooking tips from the manufacturer. Here i have listed some pressure cooking tips to help you.

Pressure Cooking Tips

Pressure Cooking Tips

1. Be sure that any food you are adding to the pressure cooker isn’t frozen, this would be an issue because it will take a long time to get up to pressure. Defrost any meat and vegetables in a microwave before hand. If you don’t have a microwave then simply put the food in the fridge the night before.

2. Don’t add too much food. Make sure never to fill the cooker more than two thirds full or pack food in tightly, if with your cooker you are finding you need to really pack in food to be able to cook enough food for your family then i advise you to purchase a larger pressure cooker. A pressure cooker over filled will reduce its efficiency which will ultimately affect the way the food comes out.

3. Check the gasket on a regular basis. If you use your cooker on a regular basis its inevitable that the gasket will wear out so be sure to check that its fits snugly ideally before every use to be 100% safe, but every 3rd use would be fine. If you find that it no longer fits the way it used to then get yourself a replacement. I would advise you to purchase one or two spare gaskets so that your not left without a usable cooker when you need it most.

4. Flavours. This is one of the pressure cooking tips people tend to wish they had learned before making their first meal. Flavours are intensified in a pressure cooker, this means herbs can over power your meal so use half the quantity of herbs you would normally use.

5. Stir the food. After cooking has finished and you have unlocked the lid give the food a quick stir and allow to rest for a few minutes.

6. After each use be sure to clean the vents. This simple and quick task helps ensure the pressure cooker stays efficient during its time with you.

7. Make sure you use at least 1 cup of cooking liquid. Its a good idea to check your cookers manual to see what exactly the manufacturer recommends. Never fill your cooker more than half way with liquid.

8. Evenly cut means evenly cooked. As with any method of cooking its always a good idea to cut your food evenly before cooking, this helps make sure your food cooks evenly in the same amount of time.

9. high-sugar foods Be aware when cooking with foods high in sugar, they can scorch. Add these foods last, and to make sure the pressure doesn’t get higher than recommended keep your eye on the pressure regulator.

10. Releasing the pressure. When your food is finished cooking under pressure use the correct method according to your pressure cooker manual to release the pressure. DO NOT use the cold water method of releasing pressure unless you want to reduce your pressure cookers lifespan or even your own lifespan. If you don’t know what the cold water method is then keep it that way, only a fool would use this method.

There are many pressure cooking tips, the ones i have covered are some of the tips i feel are some of the most important. If you have some of your own pressure cooking tips feel free to post a comment below and i will gladly add your tip to the list.

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