Presto 01370 Pressure Cooker 8-Quart Review 2020

Presto 01370 pressure cooker

Presto 01370 Pressure Cooker Review

The Presto 01370 Steel Pressure cooker is well made and is lighter than expected despite being made from stainless steel. Pressure cookers are once again becoming very popular as people discover or rediscover just how versatile they are for cooking. The Presto 01370 pressure cooker can cook certain dishes in a matter of minutes.

This makes it very appealing for people who lead a hectic lifestyle but want to eat healthily rather than eat fast food. One of the benefits of the Presto 01370 pressure cooker or any other pressure cooker is that due to the way in which cooking is achieved foods retain more of their nutrients than some other cooking methods. Many cooking methods see nutrients being drained out of them during the process.

Presto 01370 pressure cooker




The stainless steel construction of this pressure cooker also helps with the cooking process itself. It ensures that the food being cooked is evenly cooked as the stainless steel distributes the heat evenly inside the cooker. The Presto 01370 pressure cooker has an automatic valve control that helps to regulate the pressure inside the cooker This also helps to support even cooking of the food you are cooking.

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The Presto 01370 steel pressure cooker is designed in a way that makes it easier to clean than some other pressure cookers and this is also of help to people who have a hectic lifestyle or simply don’t enjoy spending loads of time washing things up. The stainless steel and other materials used also help make cleaning easier than some other pressure cookers on the market.

Presto obviously have great faith in their 8 quart capacity pressure cooker and rightly so. It is backed up with a massive 12 year warranty which guarantees you years of quick, stress free cooking. With a price tag of around $70 that works out at less than $6 a year.

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It is not the largest pressure cooker on the market but is big enough for most people’s needs and is ideal for those who have limited space. In addition, there is only one pressure setting of 15lb which may be limiting for some people with more varied requirements.

The presto 01370 pressure cooker works well but some people may find it difficult to open and secure the lid. Closing the lid is more difficult than opening it but obviously for safety reasons it is important to get this right. If you have limited strength in your hands or wrists then this could be a little tricky but most people are absolutely fine using it.

Controlling the pressure can take a little practice although you do get the usual ‘whistle’ to let you know things are hotting up and with a little patience you will get the hang of it quite easily.


This pressure cooker is modern and does not have some of the features that other pressure cookers might offer. However, selling for around $70 makes this an inexpensive yet high quality pressure cooker that is well worth the money and does everything that most people will be looking for in a pressure cooker.



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