Replacing your pressure cooker gasket – super easy

How to replace your pressure cooker gasket

pressure cooker gasket

Pressure cookers are wonderful time saving appliances but essentially they are only as good as the gasket they are fitted with. These gaskets are important for the safety and security of the cooker, Since the gasket is such a major part any damage such as cracks and abrasions mean a replacement is needed. You should try to replace your cooker’s gasket every couple of years especially if you use your pressure cooker often. With normal use every 3-5 years would be fine. If at any time your in doubt about your pressure cookers gasket then spend the few bucks to get a replacement.

Step 1 – Getting a replacement gasket

Usually the manual that came with your pressure cooker will provide you with a part number for your gasket and a way to purchase a new one, usually a contact number or a website. If your manual doesn’t have these details then simply take a notepad and pen and write down your pressure cooker’s details such as manufacturer name, size, model number along with any other information you think is relevant, take the details to your local part store and they will provide you with your new pressure cooker gasket, if they don’t stock that particular gasket then they will order the part for you to pick up another day.

Of course you can skip all this and hunt a new pressure cooker gasket online, amazon have a large range of pressure cooker gaskets so you shouldn’t have a problem finding one.

Step 2 – Taking off the old gasket

Place your pressure cooker in front of you and from the far side take hold of the gasket and pull it inwards, continue to pull it away from the groove whilst rotating the pressure cooker, under no circumstances should you use any sharp objects to do this. Once you have your pressure cookers gasket removed give it an inspection, if there are no cracks or tears and it looks in good condition then its probably safe to continue using it. You may notice that the gaskets dry, if this is the case then simply wash it with warm soapy water and allow it to air dry. Before you put the gasket back on rub a little vegetable oil between your fingers and massage it onto the gasket.

You may find that you need to clean the groove before putting the gasket back on your pressure cooker, the task of cleaning it is made very easy if you use a bottle brush or even an unused toothbrush with some warm soapy water to remove any debris.Its important that you make sure the groove is clear of any particles if the pressure cooker gasket is to do its job efficiently. After washing be sure to soak up as much of the water as you can with a towel then allow to air dry.

Step 3 – Your new pressure cooker gasket

If after removing the old gasket from your pressure cooker you realize it is damaged, follow step 1 and get yourself a new one. When you have your new gasket and you have added it to your pressure cooker, ensure that there are no gaps and that it fits tightly but not so tight that an area is over stretched, make sure there is no overlapping and there are no twists. If you have the correct part you shouldn’t have any of these problems.

Remember: your cooker is nothing without a pressure cooker gasket.

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