What Type of Teppanyaki Table Is Best for a Restaurant?

Teppanyaki cooking became really popular when people became interested in Asian cuisine. People really love to see how their food is prepared. So, every hibachi restaurant or Japanese restaurant owner should consider getting a teppanyaki table.

Types of Teppanyaki Tables

The most basic table is built from tough stainless steel, has a circular burner that is powerful and can deliver about 30000 BTUs. Also, you should be careful and see if the table includes grease drains. These will make maintenance easier and cleaning the table will be shortened a lot. The standard dimensions for such a table are 48 or 60 inches wide, which is great considering that most restaurants do not have very much available space. This type of table will set you back with a few thousand dollars and are great for a newly open restaurant that tries to compete in a crowded market. It will allow you to have a nice attraction for your restaurant without spending very much.

A more advance type of table is the smokeless teppayaki. This table model is usually chose by gourmet restaurant owners and can b custom built most of the times. Top of the range products include electro-static precipitation systems, powerful exhaust fans and a downdraft filtration system. All of these will assure that your restaurant will not be filled with smoke and smell from cooking, assuring a nice and pleasant atmosphere for your clients. The biggest manufacturer of such tables is called Fancy and they supply teppayaki tables in more than 30 countries.

They offer fully customizable tables. You can choose from a wide range of materials like classic stainless steel, wood- patterned steel, sandblasted glass table tops etc. Being a fully customizable table, this product can set you back with more than a few thousand dollars, but the investment is well worth it. Accompanied by a talented chef such a table can become the main point of interest of any restaurant and can help you get a bigger profit margin.

A good addition to any table model is the shallow dip cooking surface. Shallow Dip teppanyaki tables are innovative because they use space age materials in order to modify the cooking surface of the table when it is heated. A shallow dip table has a cooking surface made from a special alloy that bends when it is heated. So, this type of table will be more friendly with the chef when cooking. By bending slightly, it allows better control over the food and it diminish the risk of splashing customers with oil or grease. This type of cooking surface comes as optional for most manufacturers, but it is well worth it.

All in all, a teppayaki table is a great addition to a Japanese oriented restaurant and there are some must have features that any table should have. Our suggestion is to go with custom made tales because they deliver the best quality.

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