Who invented the pressure cooker?

We should all have a pressure cooker in our kitchen

Pressure cooking is simply a process of cooking food in which water or other cooking liquids are used, in a vessel that is sealed, this vessel is known as a pressure cooker. Pressure cookers are being used more and more these days because they save time and energy, two things which we are all trying to achieve. If you want to know who invented the pressure cooker then read on.

So…who invented the pressure cooker?

dennis papin who invented the pressure cooker

Dennis Papin

In 1679 a french physicist called Denis Papin, known best for studies on steam, attempted to reduce the cooking time of food by inventing the steam digester. His invention (which was airtight) used the pressure of steam to raise the boiling point of water, which resulted in a much faster cooking time.

Papin took his invention to the Royal Society Of London in 1681 only to be disappointed when the members treated his invention as a study of scientific nature. They did allow him to become a member at a later date.


In 1864, a man called Georg Gutbrot from Stuttgart started to manufacture tinned cast iron pressure cookers.

In 1919 a patent was granted by Spain to Jose Alix Martinez from Zaragoza for the pressure cooker, he called it the oila exprés, which means “express cooking pot.” The first pressure cooking recipe book to be published was written by Martinez who titled it “360 fórmulas de cocina Para guisar con la ‘olla expres,” which means, 360 recipes for cooking with a pressure cooker.

In 1938 a man named Alfred Fisher took his invention to New York city, his pressure cooker, the Flex Seal Speed Cooker was the first to be designed for use at home, subsequently its success sparked intense competition among American and European manufacturers. In 1939 at the New York world Fair, National pressure cooking company, which is now known as “National Presto Industries” introduced its very own pressure cooker.

who invented the pressure cooker

While the principle remained the same, pressure cookers have changed in appearance over time.

Pressure Cookers Today

These days pressure cookers with their much improved ventilation systems and multi functional features as well as improved safety features are again becoming popular, especially in the USA. The world today is much busier, people with hectic schedules, demanding families and jobs, are looking for a way to cook food at home that is fast, economical and nutritional. Pressure cookers do just that, which is why they are becoming an essential tool in the kitchen.

TV adverts also play a big part in the pressure cookers resurgence, usually whats advertised is an overpriced fancy looking pressure cooker, with slogans such as “latest invention” which to be honest is plain nonsense, but someone that has never used or even seen a pressure cooker before may well go out and buy that overpriced pressure cooker. I advise you to read reviews on all types of pressure cookers before finally making your decision. Pressure cookers can last a life time so you want the most suitable pressure cooker for you.

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